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Basic Stances

Choon Bee Ja Seh (Ready Stance)
Chun Kul Ja Seh (Front Long Stance)
Hu Kul Ja Seh (Fighting Side Stance)
Kee Ma Ja Seh (Horse Riding Stance)
Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh (Side Stance)

Basic Blocks

Ha Dan Mahk Ki (Low Defence/Block)
Sang Dan Mahk Ki (High Defence/Block)
Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Ki (Inside/Outside Block)
Phakeso Ahnu Ro Mahk Ki (Outside/Inside Block)
Chung Dan Yup Mahk Ki (Inside/Outside Block)
Ha Dan Sang Soo (Low X-Block)

Basic Attacks

Chung Dan Kong Kyuck (Middle Section Punch)
Sang Dan Kong Kyuck (High Punch)
Kwan Soo (Spear Hand)
Soo Do (Open Hand Strike - Chop)
Hang Jin (Horse Riding Punch)
Yuk Jin (Reverse Punch)
Yuk Soo (Ridge Hand /reverse soo do)
Pahl Koop (Elbow)
Jang Kwan (Palm Hand)

Basic Kicks

Ahp Cha Oly Ki (Front Stretch Kick)
Ahp Cha Ki (Front Kick)
Yup Cha Ki (Side Kick)
Yup Cha Oly Ki (Side Stretch Kick)
Tollyo Cha Ki (Round House Kick)
Dwi Cha Ki (Spinning Back Kick)
Nakse Cha Ki (Hook Kick)
Ee Dan Ahp Cha Ki (Jumping Front Kick)
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