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Master Gregory Hart



 Do Jangs: alchemy, Cresta, Johannesburg & Wits university, Braamfontein
 Date of birth: 1971, may 29th
 Place of birth: johannesburg
 Date started training in tang soo do: 10th february 1989

 Achievements: 1994-2003 member of Korean martial arts national team, british "champion of champions" in 1994. south african champion 4 times. selection champion 2 times. second in world championships held in greece 2001. member of world championship winning team in 2003 in england. graded to master instructor in 2003

Favourite hyung( form/kata): Sip soo
Favourite cha gi(kick): Yup cha gi
Favourite weapon: Sword
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite drink: Chivas
Favourite colour: Navy blue
Favourite musician: Sting
Favourite sports personality: Francios Piennaar

Hobbies: photography, Bird watching ( the feathered kind!!)

Occupation: Partner in alchemy health and fitness centre and Combat Tang Soo Do master instructor

Kvk: 51348128
BTW: NL392683040B0
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.