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Grand Master Edward Jacobsen

Do jang: Harmony-Randfontein, South Africa
Place of birth: germiston, johannes burg, south africa
Began training: 1978

Achievements: Student of the late Grandmaster Jae Joon Kim, graded direct to 3rd dan in 1988, credited with bringing Tang Soo Do to Africa, specifically Southern Africa in the late eighties. He won various national championship titles, world champion in the 4th dan and upwards category in both forms and fighting at the 1995 world championships in the United States of America. 8th dan in Tang Soo Do, 7th dan in Haedong Kumdo, 6th dan in Ki Do, 5th dan in Hapkido, 2nd dan in Kobujitsu Karate, various gradings in other Japanese systems. He is also the head of Combat Tang Soo Do in South Africa and the president of the martial arts authority of South Africa.

Fun facts
Favorite tang soo do huyng/form: chinto
Favorite kick: spinning nakse/ahp cha gi
Favorite weapon: sword
Favorite food: red meat- braai
Favorite drink: varies
Favorite color: red
Favorite musician: Elvis
Favorite sports personality: Mohammed Ali

Hobbies: studying new developments in martial arts

Occupation: Grand Master instructor, international executive member igtsda, world advisor Haedong Kumdo, african representative for Haedong Kumdo, president of the martial arts authority of South Africa

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