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Kyo Sa Nim Lize van der Merwe


Assistant Instructor:

Student of SBN David van der Merwe started August 2010 with Combat Tang Soo Do as his first student. Graded to 3rd Dan on the 25th of May 2019.
Since the beginning she participated in many national and international tournaments.


Grand Champion Sparring International Friendship Tournament 2017
Gold X2 in the World Championships Cardiff Wales 2016
Silver and Gold WTSDF Wolrd Championship Las Vegas 2015
Silver and Bronze in the World Championships Cardiff Wales 2014
Gold in the Dutch Tournament 2014
Gold X2 and Bronze in the International Tounament 2014
Gold at the WTSDF World Champs 2013
Gold X2 and Silver at Dutch tournament 2013
Won 2 silver at international tournament, Arnhem 2012
Gold, Silver and Bronze at Dutch open 2012
Gold X2 and Bronze X2 at International Championships Amsterdam 2011
Gold and Silver and World Cup in Orlando, Florida 2011
Silver at World Championships in Cardiff, Wales 2011
Gold at Dutch open 2011

Kvk: 51348128
BTW: NL392683040B0
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