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Rules are necessary to ensure that training runs smoothly and that students gain the maximum benefit from their training. Rules also set out some of the customs and traditions that a new student is normally unaware of before starting Tang Soo Do.

Formal rules are also a practice of safety. At any school worthy of its name, there is an element of controlled danger. Rules provide the control. In a Tang Soo Do Dojang students are using weapons and techniques that are potentially lethal. Rules provide the environment within which these can be practiced.

  1. No profanity in the dojang.
  2. No smoking, alcohol consumption or taking of drugs in the dojang.
  3. No eating in the dojang
  4. No shoes are to be worn in the dojang by students.
  5. Students must salute/bow when entering or leaving the dojang.
  6. Tradition will be observed by all.
  7. Respect will be shown by all. Respect of both Age and Rank.
    • All Senior Belts who have titles will be referred to by their rank.
    • All Dan members must be saluted when they enter the dojang
    •  Whoever is taking class is in charge, no matter what the age or rank. The class will respect and obey that instructor.
  8. Students may not join or leave class without the instructorÕs permission.
  9. Students will always wear a clean uniform while training.
    • White Do Bohk top with Black Pants.
    • During summer the association or Dojang T-shirt may be worn.
    • Belt must be worn at all times.
    • Only the correct association badge must be worn on the students uniform.
    • Badge is positioned on the top, left hand side of his/her do-bohk top.
  10. Students will keep themselves clean and tidy and their nails trimmed at all times.
  11. Protective equipment must be worn during sparring. It is compulsory during tournaments to wear all of the following protective equipment; failing this the student will not be allowed to fight in the tournament
    • Men must wear a groin guard during sparring
    • Head Gear is compulsory
    • Gloves and foot protectors are compulsory
  12. No student shall challenge a higher rank to spar or fight.
  13. No jewelry to be worn during class.
  14. Students will not be allowed to grade if they have not met all the requirements.
    • These include
    • Attendance (CDB must have 6 month full attendance prior to their 1st Dan grading)
    • Fees paid up to date
    • Obeying Dojang and Association rules
  15. Students should notify their instructor in advance of any absence. In the case of illness CDBs require a doctor's note.
    • Apologies will be noted in the register and not affect grading.
    • Students must find out what work has been missed and catch up the lesson ASAP.
  16. All queries or problems must be brought to the Dojang heads attention. Ask a senior belt for assistance in this if you are not sure of correct procedure.

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