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Starting class

Students line up according to rank and seniority (If seniority is the same then age will dictate the order) facing the front of class with the ranking student on the right.

The instructor will then take position in front and centre of the class.

The highest-ranking student will then call:

Cha ryut (Attention)
Kuk Gi Hante (Turn to face the flags)
Ba-Rhe (Salute the flags)
Ba-Ro (Return)
Sa Bum Nim te (Face the instructor)
E Kyung Yet (Salute the instructor)

Finishing Class

The same procedure is followed when finishing class, except the following commands are added: 

E Danja te (Turn to the Dan members)
E Kung yet (Bow to the Dan members)
1-2-3 (On three everyone shouts: "COMBAT !")

General Terminology

Tang Soo Do (The Art we are studying)
Kwan Jang Nim (Master Instructor)
Sa Bum Nim (Instructor)
Sa Bum Nim (3rd Dan Black Belt)
Dan Kyo Sa Nim (2nd Dan Black Belt)
Bo Kyo Sa Nim (1st Dan Dan Black Belt)
Cho Dan Bo (Black belt in training)
Gup (Colour belt)
Dojang (Training hall or studio)
Do Bohk (Uniform)

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